Friday, July 12, 2013

Going Back To Cali

So after five years I finally get a run going to California. Only two states I haven't been in with Transland. One California, two Nevada. Don't get me wrong I have been there plenty of times riding with Dad, hell I was born in Oceanside but I haven't driven there.This was an easy dunnage load with a reload coming straight back to Springfield, MO. So I leave Friday AM giddy as a kid. I barely get ten miles out and BOOM! I blow a trailer tire. I pull into Hoods at exit 69 and managed to get rolling within the hour. Friday night I make it to Amarillo where I enjoyed a steak at the Big Texan. (No I did not try the 72 oz steak!) The last time I was at the restaurant was with my Dad. After dinner I went to bed. Saturday I drove to Winslow, AZ where I found the Walmart I knew had an abandoned truck stop right next to it. I did my shopping and I tried to decide if I wanted to spend the night there. Giving the amount of panhandlers and homeless I figured I wouldn't rest well so I moved down about 20 miles and stayed at a rest area. After the light rain storm I climbed the rocks, took pics of my beloved desert. I LOVE IT OUT WEST! Sunday would be the exciting day. I haven't been on I40 West of Flagstaff in over 25 years. I was in awe of the spectacle. I got to Barstow and stopped for the night. I had an open window Monday am and I knew I couldn't sleep at customer, Barstow was a safe bet. Monday AM approached I left in a good time and took a route to Santa Ana hoping for little delay as possible. But still managed to to brush rush hour and it took 2 hours 45 minutes to go 119 miles. I have to say NOTHING looked familiar. Absolutely nothing. I got into town made my delivery and pick up and headed out. I was hoping for a trip down memory lane but I recognized absolutely nothing. Oh well. it was a fun easy run. I got to as far as Big Cabin on Wednesday when my second tire blew out. All in all I enjoyed it. I love running west. I love the scenery, the roads, and there is less people. Now excuse me while I open a cold one and enjoy my home time.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boycotting Pilot and Flying J

How about an update eh? Well I have managed to gain weight. I was off track. It is to the point that I feel I need to do something drastic to detoxify me from my addictions with the foods. I wholeheartedly believe that processed, restaurant, and fast foods have chemicals in the ingredients that create the addiction. I know that studies show corn syrup is one of those components. It basically whacks the hormones off course. Some people our more prone to it than others. Going primal/paleo is my only choice. Luckily I have an ally from an unusual place. Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers. Yes you read that correctly. Here is why. When I first started driving Pilot and Flying J were separate entities. Flying J for the most part was better. They had a fresh deli where one can buy salads, carrots, celery, fresh sandwiches etc. Pilot only sold Hot dogs and egg rolls. When Pilot bought out the Flying J I figured the fresh stuff was gonna go away. But the merger actually improved things to a certain point. BUT in the last year I have noticed that things have gone down hill and greed is taking over. It's all little things but they are adding up. So little that I am not sure if anyone else has noticed. Here are some examples: Prices have gone up. They are in that supermarket racket where you can save money by using their card. The problem with that is that I see my points get used when I have already payed cash on occasion. Next the quality of food is way worse. I used to get the chicken wings. They used to be good. Over the last 6 months they have gotten smaller. I asked a Pilot manager and he even admitted that they have been getting smaller. I asked why and he just said "cheaper". In the past if you bought fuel you got a free coffee. Then it turned into "buy 4 get the 5th free." Now it's buy 9 and get the 10th free. Coffee is almost 2 bucks now so if you buy $18 worth of coffee you get one free. The worst part is the coffee used to be good. I don't know if they have switched sources or what but the coffee sucks now. It's not worth a dollar. The wifi you pay for sucks and does not work half the time. The stuff that is still good (like the pizza)is incredibly bad for you. So my thoughts are why give this corporation another dime of my cash. So here is my move. I am no longer buying food there. It's overpriced and lame. I will eat strictly out of the truck. I will make my own coffee. In fact I will use their coffee machines for hot water for my tea. I will fill my thermos up. That is until they start charging for hot water. I am boycotting Pilot/Flying J. You see my company says it's mandatory to fuel there. So I can't avoid them all together but every time I stop and don't spend money inside it will be like giving them the finger each time. Other than fuel and cat scale tickets I will not spend another minute in their ridiculously long lines at the register. My showers are free so I will still take advantage of that. My last purchase I used my points to buy another cooler. So now I have one for meats and one for fruits and veggies. This boycott will save me money, save me calories, and save me the stress of dealing with their "the driver is not first priority" mentality. Pilot can stick it. So at times when I am feeling hungry my hatred for them will be the fuel I need to beat this addiction. Thank you Pilot.

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Post yay!!!!

Well I am still alive. Things have changed in my world keeping me from blogging and doing some new videos. So let's do an update. First things at Transland are going great. The company has bent over backwards for me. During Truck Driver Appreciation Day I got to chat with the President of Transland. one on one we chatted about training, driver retention, the state of the economy and such. It was going so well that sales, fuel and planning were all at the table conversing. All was going well until another truck driver came in and started griping about small things that Transland doesn't even have anything to do with, Like wifi at the Pilots etc. Within minutes the table cleared because while I was giving an important two cents the other driver's bitchfest had completely turned everyone off including my self. Sigh. They were actually listening too because I mentioned that new lines needed to be painted for trailer parking and low and behold it was done. My videos are now mentioned during orientation. My picture shows up as one of the drivers the new guys can refer questions to. I have somewhat become an advocate of sorts. The model driver of Transland. Now I am not a fool. I realize that I am not gonna get some custom truck in my name and the boss isn't up at nights worrying if I am gonna quit or not. I am not delusional. But they are happy with me and I am not going anywhere. I think it opened their eyes that ALL the trainees that I have trained are still driving but for someone else. When I mentioned that to El Presidente' it might have created a spark. Time will tell.I did just finished training a new guy so let's see how he does. So in other news the band finally has a show booked for January 4th. Our new songs are coming along nicely. I can't wait to start recording. I have a video project in mind that is playing in my head for a new trucking video. It's gonna be kinda artsy like the In My world Video. Just getting it done will be the challenge. So that's it for now. I will do a health update soon.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yes I had this obsession with the movie from the 70s CONVOY. So when I found out that the Rubber Duck truck was in St. Louis. I had to go see it. Behold one of my happiest moments of my life.